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1.Cook/steamed sweet potatoes. This is the most simple way. Clean the

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1.Cook/steamed sweet potatoes. This is the most simple way. Clean the outside of the sweet potato mud, no peeling, in a pressure cooker or electric rice cooker, add right amount water, cooked. Can also be sweet potatoes cut into thick slices, put on steam drawer, steam cooked.

2.Sweet potato porridge. Rinse sweet potato, peeled and cut into small pieces. Rice elutriate twice, add water in a pressure cooker or boiled rice cooker. Wait until after the water boils, open the lid down into the sweet potato cake, cap continue to cook. Wait until boiling again, if is a pressure cooker, is cooked by fire into small fire slowly; If the electric rice cooker, open the lid to boil. Either way, stir with a spoon or chopsticks, prevent stick. At the same time should pay attention to don't make congee spills over. Local melon become soft rotten, sticky rice, can turn off the heat, or pull the plug, will cover a small crack, stewing, can eat.

3.Roasted sweet potato. Many streets of the city can see push selling baked sweet potato up the oven, the sweet oh! In the home also can do, as long as have a oven or microwave oven. Wash the sweet potato, it does not, don't have to wipe that is put in the microwave oven bag some paper towels, baked with high fire; To dry the moisture that is put in the oven on a baking tray and bake in the preheated oven. Remember to turn, let the sweet potato roast on each side.

4.French fries. After wash and drain water will sweet potatoes peeled, cut into strips of the little thickness. If home have breadcrumbs, can give the fries wrapped in a layer, no it doesn't matter. Open pan, small fire, when the oil temperature to the eight hot, down to the French fries, Fried until slightly brown take it out. A layer of frosting on top and, also can eat directly.

5.GuaGan. This is one of the most like to eat snacks in childhood, remember there's a neighbor uncle home often client sent to me, he will give us some, still miss the taste. Clean, sweet potato cooked in a pressure cooker. Remove skinless then shred.ri article, if you can't finalize the design of the hot cut is. Sunny weather, at home on the balcony of the sweet potato dry days, from time to time during the surface, make sweet potato can evenly to dry. About four or five days later, can eat.

6.Fried potato cake. Will sweet potatoes, pumpkins are washed, peeled, cut into small pieces into the bowl, after steam cooked. Must strike to the two mash the food, while pounding in glutinous rice powder, and already with a rolling pin roll into powder sugar. Slightly if the viscosity is not enough with a little water, and convenience. Knead into dough after rub into article, ripping up into small pieces of dough, compressed into a small cake. Both sides have breadcrumbs can wrapped in a layer. Open pan, small fire to eight hot when the oil temperature, put in the small cake, scoop out until after the fry until golden on both sides.

7.Fried sweet potato. In the previous step with hash browns, just after the dough and good, just pull a little rub into a ball, can also be wrapped in breadcrumbs. Note that the croquettes are the pot with cold oil, sweet potato ball is not exceptional also, until the potato become slightly brown take it out.

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