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What are the nutritional value of sweet potato?

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Sweet potato contains a lot of sugar, protein, various vitamins and minerals, carotene, vitamin C and inhibit cancer cell growth of cancer, a lot of food, fiber, so can prevent constipation, colon cancer; At the same time can reduce calorie intake, is one of the best food reducing weight.

1.Sweet potato, taste gan wen, can smooth bowel aperient, jianwei yiqi. Contain more fiber, increase the volume of waste in the intestinal absorption of moisture, cause purge role. Brown rice Brown rice contains rich protein, starch, vitamin B1, A, E, minerals, fiber, calcium, iron and phosphorus rich fiber helps bowel movement.
Sweet potato is a kind of vegetables that are rich in a variety of nutrients! Its benefits to human health is as follows:
Sweet potato belongs to alkaline food, can neutralize the accumulation of too much acid in the human body.
2. Sweet potato contains rich food fiber, help slippery bowel aperient.
3. The collagen and mucous polysaccharid material in the sweet potato, can prevent arterial sclerosis and keep the vessel elasticity, eliminate redundant cholesterol.
4. High vitamin C content of sweet potato and not easy to lost, as long as the consumption of about two hundred grams of sweet potato, can provide needed for a day.
5. Sweet potato is rich in large amounts of mucus proteins, can prevent arteriosclerosis, lower blood pressure, anti-aging, enhance immunity.
In addition, the germ and young leaves of sweet potato part can also be used as a vegetable, its rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene, fiber, potassium, and iron and other nutrients, eat can prevent cancer, external use can eliminate sore swollen!
But a lot of people are afraid to eat many sweet potato will break wind, actually the digestive ability will be better after eating sweet potato, less exhaust of occurring, or after several edible can adjustment intestinal condition, exhaust too much problems no longer occur. So, if you still have to eat sweet potato and straight fart, may have to examine whether the digestive function out of the question!

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